Cabon Decisions International

We are a company that provides assistance to clients who develop or invest in activities that generate carbon credits. Individuals and corporations who want to reduce their carbon footprint can buy these credits and contribute to the development of projects for the benefit of the poor and the environment. The company also provides services to clients to develop policies, standards and methodologies for carbon management improvement and supports capacity building on these issues in developing countries. Founders and associate consultants are professionals with a proven track record in forestry and carbon management, have contributed to the development of international carbon standards (CCB, VCS), the development of REDD-VCS AR-CDM methodologies and helped more than 30 carbon forestry projects around the world. Carbon Decisions International seeks investment partners, natural and legal persons wishing to offset their carbon footprint with project developers in developing countries. With the help of the company, these partnerships are the creation of a portfolio of high quality projects and generate attractive long-term investment returns with environmental and social co-benefits.

The company aspires to become a certified carbon neutral company. It is monitoring its own carbon footprint since its inception in 2008 and is offsetting its emissions by purchasing carbon credits from the projects it supports.  

Mission – vision


Our mission is to contribute to the conservation and restoration of forests to mitigate climate change, conserve biodiversity, improve livelihoods of local communities and promote sustainable development.


Our vision is to become a successful and respected company, offering high quality services and developing sustainable and exemplary forestry projects. We want to be a company that offers real opportunities for the professional and personal development of its human resources, develops its businesses under the highest standards of integrity, and provides a positive contribution to the management of forests and the quality of life of Communities that depend on them.



What we do is assist public and private entities in designing projects, programs and policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve forest management, and generate carbon credits and other forest assets.


Opportunities to develop forest and carbon assets, which we would implement under the highest technical, environmental and social standards. To this end we are willing to work in partnership with investors and landowners who share our same philosophy and development of carbon assets.

We develop projects in:

  • Costa Rica
  • Guatemala
  • Perú
  • Panamá
  • Finland
  • Chile
  • Ecuador
  • México
  • Guyana
  • South Africa
  • Ghana

Meet our team

Team Image
Lucio Pedroni

Founder, President and CEO

Lucio is the founder, president and CEO of Carbon Decisions International S.A. After graduating in Economics and Forestry at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ), he began an international career working for the Swiss Official Development Assistance (ODA) in Costa Rica and Madagascar (1987-1995). He completed doctoral studies at the Tropical Agronomic Research and Teaching Center (CATIE) in Costa Rica and at Colorado State University (1996-2000). He was a researcher, professor and leader of the Global Change Group in CATIE (2000-2008) and consultant on policies and methodologies of the Carbon Finance Unit of the World Bank (2005-2011). Lucio has developed carbon quantification methodologies for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Forestation and Reforestation (AR) projects and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) projects. Is a co-author of the VCS REDD + project guidelines and the second edition of the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards (CCB), author of articles in refereed journals on forests and climate change and was an exhibitor at More than a hundred international conferences, seminars and training courses.

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Ruddy Guadamuz

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Ruddy received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from INCAE Business School in 2015, in addition to a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from the Latin American University of Science and Technology (Costa Rica, 2006). He has worked for major multinational firms such as KPMG, serving in the area of ​​accounting services for Hewlett Packard in Costa Rica as well as tax department specialist, and Procter and Gamble as an accountant for Peruvian and Bolivian operations. His international experience includes the SAP ERP implementation process for the Maersk company in Costa Rica and the rest of Latin America, coordinating working groups, documenting processes, training personnel, identifying risks associated with implementation processes, drawing up action plans for their Mitigation and also leading processes migration to global financial services centers. Through his professional career he has worked with operative, managerial and strategic personnel in multidisciplinary contexts in countries of Latin America, Europe and Asia.

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Juan Felipe Villegas

Forest Engineer and Space Analyst

Juan Felipe is a forest engineer graduated in Colombia in 2005, with a master’s degree in Forest Information Technology from the University of Applied Sciences of Eberswalde (Germany) and a master’s degree in Forestry Engineering from the University of Warsaw Biological Sciences (Poland). Both titles obtained in 2008. Before starting Carbon Decisions International, Juan Felipe worked in Colombia for private companies dedicated to the establishment and management of forest plantations. He is currently working on the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to natural resource management projects and is an expert in the modeling of afforestation scenarios for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD +) projects. Working for Carbon Decisions International, he developed spatial models of deforestation in Ecuador (Northern Amazon), Peru (Cusco, Madre de Dios, San Martin, Central Selva and throughout the Peruvian Amazon), Guatemala (Tierras Bajas del Norte) and Costa Rica national). Juan Felipe also contributes to the monitoring and measurements in the field of afforestation and reforestation projects.

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Sara Mateo

Geographer, associate consultant

Sara is a Peruvian Geographer with a Masters in Environmental Management from the University of Wageningen (Netherlands) in 2002. Sara has been a specialist in environmental policy, strategic planning, action plans and project development with local communities for several years. He worked in several regions of Peru and in Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and Uruguay, in projects related to the management of natural resources and the evaluation of the social impacts of the projects. It has provided advisory services to the Ministry of the Environment in Peru, the National Service of Natural Protected Areas, local governments and various non-governmental environmental organizations. He participated in the biodiversity monitoring program with the Smithsonian Institution and was responsible for the development of diverse biodiversity strategies for regional governments in the Peruvian Amazon. He has experience in local and community management methodologies including Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Climate, Biodiversity and Communities (CCB) projects and the application of socio-environmental and governance standards of REDD + Projects.

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Camilo Arango Rueda

General Manager of Carbon Decisions International SAS

Camilo is a business administrator with an MBA and certificate in international business from the University of Illinois, United States (2010). He has a great passion for agribusiness and more than 10 years of experience in managerial and commercial roles. He has worked in Colombia in the production and commercialization of dairy and meat products, as well as managing agricultural crops. In the United States, he worked in North American, Latin American and Asian marketing of agricultural commodities for the balanced feeding of animals, and carried out a traceability project for livestock producers in southern Illinois. Camilo has solid knowledge in administrative, commercial, logistic and international trade matters. Throughout his career he has been interested in joining projects that create employment and generate social and economic benefits to local and rural communities. He is currently in charge of the general management of Carbon Decisions International in Colombia and of supporting our operations in reforestation projects.

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Juan Manuel Cardona

Juan Manuel is a forest engineer graduated from the National University of Colombia (Medellín, 2003). He completed postgraduate studies in Japan, where he earned a master’s degree in life sciences and environment at Shimane University, Matsue (2009). He initially worked as a television cameraman in Japan (2009-2010) and then returned to Colombia to work as a senior forest expert and wildlife management expert for Prima Colombia Hardwood CISAS (May 2011-June 2012). In September 2012 he started working for Forestry Consulting Group SAS, where he served as a leading consultant on forest inventory issues, geo-spatial analysis, sustainable forest and wildlife management, software development and advice on forest policy and compliance environmental legislation. Since March 2016 he has worked with Carbon Decisions International, where he is the Technical Director of our reforestation project “Hacienda el Manantial” in Colombia. Juan Manuel has more than a decade of experience in inventories of flora, fauna and forest resources, as well as in the development of software oriented to forestry sciences, especially in mobile devices. He is multilingual, fluent in Spanish, English and Japanese (reading, writing and conversation), but he can read some more (especially French and Portuguese). Its specialty is the measurement, identification, quantification, modeling and spatial and data analysis applied to forest resources, management of sustainable forest management in natural forests, management and wildlife inventories, along with multimedia editing, advanced digital assets and Management, translation and editing of technical and audiovisual publications. Author also of forest software, several books and articles in forestry, linguistics and photography.

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Camilo Andrés Martínez Rojas

Camilo Andrés studied business administration at the Universidad de la Sabana in Bogotá, Colombia (2007). He has 9 years of professional experience, of which in recent years he has excelled as Senior Accountant with knowledge in the field, leading seismic groups in different parts of Colombia. Functional leader in the implementation of SAP module MM and FI. Experience in personnel management, suppliers, minor box, fixed asset management, Materials logistics, invoice causation, handling accounts receivable and accounts payable, bank reconciliations.